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      Home Remedies for Head Injuries

      By Health Care Advisor | March 5, 2009

      head injuryIf you are suffering from head injuries, then you should be well known about the illness. If you visit a doctor, they would observe on the head injury. Later, they give you mild painkillers for headache and for vomiting or nausea; they would give anti nausea tablets. You might be advised not to drink or eat. Here are some home remedies for head injuries.

      Rest quietly: for some time and put ice packs on the painful and swollen areas. Take the painkillers such as the paracetamol for headaches. Don’t drink or eat anything. The main thing is don’t smoke or drink alcohol for next 24 hours. If you are able to eat something, take light food.

      It will take certain time for brain to recover the recent head injury that dizziness, mild cognitive problems and headaches, will still occur. There is no other better treatment for head injury than taking plenty of rest.

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