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      Digesting nuts

      By Health Care Advisor | November 24, 2009

      Digestive healthIt has been seen many people have problems digesting nuts. The digestive system faces problems while digesting food items like nuts. Here are a few steps by which the digestion of nuts takes place:

      The very important factor involved in digesting nuts is the way the nuts are cooked i.e., whether it involves roasting or baking or frying etc.

      The nuts are chewed and the saliva breaks the complex substances like starch into simple sugars

      Inside the stomach further digestion takes place and the breakdown of proteins takes place

      The remaining part is sent to the small intestine and since the fibers are not digested they are thrown out of the system.

      Apart from providing with nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats the nuts are a good source of tannins which act as antioxidants. These tannins are not destroyed at high temperatures and remain intact and as a result of it, digestion of nuts becomes a problem as they do not break into simpler substances.

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